Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Beauty Chiffon Long Dress

product; Beauty Chiffon Long Dress
code; D0011

colour; Grey and Pink
size; Chest 66-96cm, Waist 56-76cm, Length 120cm
material; Chiffon

Sweet Princess Dress

product; Sweet Princess Dress
code; D0012

colour; White and Pink
size; Chest 92cm, Length 77cm
material; Chiffon

*Without Belt

Princess Zebra

product; Princess Zebra
code; D0015

Colour; Grey
size; Chest 84cm,Waist 72cm, Length 80cm
material; Cotton + Chiffon


product; Triple-Tone
code; T0013

colour; White and Pink
size; Chest 86cm, Length 70cm
material; Cotton

Scottish Shirt

product; Scottish Shirt
code; T0023

colour; Black
size; Chest 82-99cm, Length 71cm
material; Cotton


product; Seductive
code; T0021

colour; Black
size(Lace); Chest 82-88cm, Length 73cm
sizet(Singlet); Chest 82-88cm, Length 64cm

material; Cotton + Lace

Feather Printed Shirt

product; Feather Printed Shirt
code; T0020

colour; White and Black
size;: Chest 100cm, Length 80cm, Shoulder Length 42cm
material; Cotton

Purely Shirt

product; Purely Shirt
code; T0015

colour; Yellow and Pink
size; Chest 90-100cm, Length 70cm, Shoulder Length 35cm
material; 65% cotton

description; Slightly Transparent

Big Bow

product; Big Bow
code; T0012

colour; White, Purple and Red
size; Length 62cm
material; Cotton

Lacey Top

product; Lacey Top
code; T0011

colour; White and Pink
size; Length 62cm, Shoulder Length 31cm
material; Cotton + Lace

Layered Cake

product; Layered Cake
code; D0022

colour: Black and White
size; Chest 90cm, Length 80cm, Shoulder Length 37cm
material; Chiffon
description; Stretchable

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Simple Dress

product; A Simple Dress
code; D0023
colour; White, Black, Grey, Purple

size; Chest 88-98cm, Length 96cm
material; Chiffon

Stripey Dress

product; Stripey Dress
code; D0010
colour; Navy Blue and Black

size; Chest 82-106cm, Waist 68-112cm, Collar Length 33cm, Sleeve Length 24cm, Length 76cm
material; Cotton
*without Belt

Little Kawaii Dress

product; Little Kawaii Dress
code; D0017
colour; Yellow and Blue

size; Chest 90cm, Length 87cm
material; Cotton

*Including inner dress

Twinkle Star

product; Twinkle Star
code; D0018
colour; White and Black

size; Chest 80cm, Length 75cm, Shoulder Length 34cm
material; Chiffon

Autumn Dress

product; Autumn Dress
code; D0019
colour; Black, Red Wine and Khaki

size; Chest 76-88cm, Length 88cm
material; Cotton

*not included the white shirt

Elegant Lady

product; Elegant Lady
code; D0020
colour; White

size; Chest 76-88cm, Length 88cm
material; Chiffon
*Necklace is not included

Starry Night

product; Starry Night
code; D0021
colour; Pink

size; Chest 92cm, Length 80cm, Sleeve Length 20cm, Shoulder Length 35cm
material; Cotton